Metamarkets Support Documentation


The Metamarkets Real-Time Data Ingestion (RDI) platform processes data at speeds that allow the Metamarkets dashboard to surface that data in several seconds. The key to providing this near-instantaneous access is to start with well-formatted, standards-based data. The more closely the data adheres to recognized standards, the more quickly it can be processed and made available for querying and analysis.

By following prescribed standards and recommendations, you can ensure that your data will be ingested quickly and processed without error. You’ll also ensure that the information based on that data will meet expectations when viewed in the Metamarkets dashboard.

How to Use this Documentation

This documentation includes formatting guides for initial integration as well as information and tools after integration. From the comprehensive integration guides, select the proper one to suite your specific needs. Once your data has been formatted correctly, refer to the uploading guide for information on sending your data.

Official Standards

To find answers to frequently asked questions and definitions to common terms, see the FAQ and Glossary.

At Metamarkets, we believe strongly in the power of standards to vastly improve the way ad tech works for everyone. The following is a select list of standards that we adhere to: