Integration Guide for AppNexus

In contrast with the full Metamarkets platform, our AppNexus application is designed for clients looking for analysis of Standard, Bid Landscape and Seller API log­ level data feeds in a secure environment with minimal setup.

This document provides information on the following:

  • Supported Feeds
  • Packages and Pricing
  • Onboarding

Standard Feed (For Buyers and Sellers)

The Log-­Level Standard Feed provides data on your managed publishers' and/or your managed advertisers' transacted impressions and the resulting clicks and conversions. The feed contains one row per transacted impression, click, or conversion. If you use impression and click trackers, the feed will also contain one row per impression tracker or click tracker event. Bid Landscape (For Sellers Only)

The Log­-Level Bid Landscape Feed helps you gain insight into the demand for your inventory based on auctions involving a randomly selected set of 1% of the users on our platform. For each auction, the feed contains the top 15 bids, including the winning bid, with one row per bid. Please note that the winning bid may or may not have been the highest bid due to your ad quality or yield management settings.

Both eligible and ineligible bids from external bidders are covered by this feed, but only eligible bids from AppNexus' bidder are covered. This is because bids from external bidders are checked against the seller's ad quality settings after the bids are sent, whereas bids from AppNexus' bidder (bidder_id 2) are checked against the seller's ad quality settings before the bids are sent. Therefore, bids reported for bidder_id 2 will always have been eligible and will usually be shown with bid_reject_reason 0.

Segment Feed (For Buyers and Sellers)

The Log-­Level Segment Feed gives you data on the segment pixel loads for all of your network­ and advertiser-­level segments. Information about your 3rd­-party data providers' pixels are not included.

Packages and Pricing

Metamarkets (AppNexus Application) Packages

Core (Required)Seller PackageUser Package
LLD FeedStandard LLD Feed (string)Bid Landscape Segment Feed

Metamarkets (AppNexus Application) Rate Card

Impression Tiers (sold and unsold) (Billions)Core (Required)Seller PackageUser Package
0 - 10$1,000$250$250
10 - 50$750$180$180

Note: Billable Metric: Impressions sold & unsold (Price per Billion)

Example Subscription Fees (Core Package) Monthly Event Volume for 1 Billion Impressions

Monthly Event Fee$1,000
Monthly Support Fee$2,500
Total Monthly Fee$3,500

Contract Terms

Month to month agreement

  • 30 day written notice of cancellation emailed to account team
  • If client uninstalls or cancels the applications in the middle of the calendar month, Metamarkets will customer directly for final prorated support fee and support volume
  • Not all dimensions and metrics in any LLD feeds + APIs are included in the Metamarkets (AppNexus Application) standard offering. Please reach out to us for additional information.



MilestoneAverage Business DaysAssignee
Introduction call, terms approved, application downloaded-Customer / Metamarkets
LLD Activated1-20Customer / AppNexus
Dashboard set up (LLD must be live)2Metamarkets
User TrainingWithin 7 days of dashboard activationCustomer / Metamarkets